What ages does ‘young’ cover? Considering the average age for an MP is 50 and for a councillor it’s 60 anything south of these ages is considered young.

Who runs this website? Laura Blumenthal, a 26-year-old elected councillor in the south of England, who desperately wants more young people to run for election. Follow her at @LKBlumenthal

Why was this website started up? There seem to be a number of organisations and websites encouraging and informing young people about voting and being involved in issues but a scarcity on young people actually taking a lead and getting elected. There should be more young people in politics and this website seeks to take the mystery out of the election process.

Why is there a lack of young people in elected politics? Young people are busy: education, jobs, raising families. There’s a reason why a lot of councillors are retired! Politics is often a big commitment with a lot of scrutiny and younger people may not feel they have the time. Whatever time you can spare, if it’s knocking on doors once a month, or organising a petition over one weekend young people can still be involved in politics and this will give them greater confidence if they do find they want to step up to election when they have more time in 5-10 years.

How can we get more young people into politics? If you’re young and annoyed at the lack of elected young people Cyndi Lauper’s advice: ‘If you want inclusion, include yourself’. You’re the only person you can control so why not you? Whatever your age actively encourage young people to get involved in the local community and let them know that running for election is always open to them.