MEPs don’t spend all their time in Brussels, a lot of the time they are in their UK constituencies as well as a small amount of time in Strasbourg, France.

Sunderland City Council has a pretty succinct summary of how to stand to be a MEP: How to become a MEP

Jean Lambert, MEP for the Green Party for London, gives a good insight into what a day looks like for an MEP: A Day in the Life

Rebecca Taylor, an ex Lib Dem MEP, wrote this insightful entry on what she did day-to-day as an MEP: An MEP’s Life

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More useful resources:

How To Run The EEurParluropean Parliament

An absolute gem in giving you all the knowledge in how to hit the ground running when elected as an MEP. From recruiting staff to influencing fellow MEPs if you’re confused about how MEPs navigate the European Parliament and get things done then this is a must-read.



The European Union: A Very Short Introduction

To understand the European Parliament you have to understand how the European Union came into existence and the principles it embodies. The EU has a complex history and roots itself in maintaining peace and cooperation. The future of it rests in the balance and it’s important for all Europeans to know its history.


The Euro Expeeuroriment

The Euro is a unique currency which is still bring explored as it is stress tested through market fluctuations. The debt crises of a few countries, more prominently Greece’s, has called the future of the currency into question. This book delves into the political and economic foundations of the Euro and its future.

How the European Union works:

How European elections work: