Ever considered sitting on the green benches?

If you’re not considering standing as an independent candidate then you will have to prove your loyalty to a party e.g. membership for a period of time, campaigning and perhaps having previously been a councillor. Different parties have different processes for approval of candidates and then selection to stand for a particular constituency seat.

How can I stand in an Election?

How to become a Conservative MP

How to become a Lib Dem MP

How to become an Independent MP

Labour seem to be updating their literature on people interested in becoming an MP. For queries they ask to be contacted at training@labour.org.uk. Unite offer a Future Candidates Programme. More information can be found here.

Some other useful resources:

youngpeopleinpoliticstoryboyToryBoy the Movie [DVD]

If you ever wondered what it was like to stand as a candidate in the General Election you can watch Conservative candidate John Walsh’s experience standing for the Middlesbrough seat. He offers a very candid documentary of his experience with all the highs and more frequent lows. Watch the trailer here.

Inside The Commons [DVD]

If you missed the insightful series last year then catch up with the history, odd traditions and behind the scenes running of parliament. Interviewing MPs, parliamentary workers, the Prime Minister and even the brave men who clean Big Ben’s face it’s an entertaining and informative watch.

How To Be An MPHow to be MP

A straightforward guide on what to do and what not to do if you find yourself elected. From how to speak in the chamber to how to survive a personal scandal this book makes for fascinating and possible crucial reading.

Learn about how the House of Commons functions:

Listen to former MP Nick De Bois discuss the steps to becoming an MP: