One of the first steps to getting involved in politics is knowing which party best represents you views. Maybe you’re a die-hard independent and don’t like any of the parties but if you’re warm towards a particularly party it may be worth considering getting involved with them.

You may have already used a voting advice application to decide who to vote for in the past. They’re good quizzes to indicate which party’s policies best align with your views. These are some of the best:

I Side With

Who Should You Vote For

Vote Match

Once you get the answer take a look at the party’s website and youtube channel. This will help you decide if they’re the party for you. If so, google what they have done locally and get in touch with them.

If you’re interested in finding out more about  the parties and what makes them tick these books are a good place to start

Corbyn: First they ignore you…

If you’re intrigued by Corbyn and his overnight rise to prominence this book will give you the background to his career. Crucial reading for all Corbynistas and interesting for anyone interested in how personalities catch the political zeitgeist. Why people are attracted to particular leaders is fascinating an Corbyn’s rise from obscurity to centre stage is unexpected yet telling of where the Labour party is right now.

The Conservative Party: From Thatcher to Cameron

If you want the contemporary history of the Tory party in an accessible nutshell then this book is perfect for you. Confused about Thatcher? Want to know more about what happened under the coalition? This book is a brilliant read and will whizz you through all the crucial information you need on modern Tory history. Delve into the background of Cameron’s party and see its transition through the years.